The year is bringing a lot of change to 6300 Block Germantown.As of March 2012

  • The Johnson House just hosted The Good Raised Up.  A wonderful musical and artistic depiction of the history of the Johnson House.  Some background and comments –
  • We have several new businesses that have come in the past 6 months: churches, hair salons, and a chiropractor.  I would love more retail, if you know anyone.
  • Cleanup is in progress for one of our vacant sites
  • The City Streetscape Plan might actually happen this year.  Recent updates from Dept of Commerce states that the contract has been awarded.
  • Several properties have had their facades refresh
  • Plans are ongoing for monthly Historical programs on the block and submission of a grant proposal for a Heritage Plan
  • We are seeking committee members to help with the plans for the Annual Juneteenth event which will be held June 16th.

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